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January 18th, 2016 by Sue and Dwight

♫♪ ♫♪•*¨*•.¸The Where Have All The Folk Songs Gone gang will be appearing on Heather Fielding’s long running CIUT radio show ‘Acoustic Workshop’ this evening (Monday, January 18th, 7-8pm) to talk about our monthly 60′s Folk Revival show.

We’ll be Heather’s in-studio guests, performing some songs live throughout the hour! You can listen on the radio at 89.5 FM or right here on your computer at

taken by snap'd photo at feb 2015 show 2

Photo Credit: Snap’d – Feb 2015

Posted January 12, 2016

Coming up this Saturday!

acoustic harvest

Posted December 31, 2015
We are very excited to be part of the amazing line-up for this show…

Tickets can be ordered online here:

Posted December 15, 2015

Sunday Afternoon at the Tranzac Club

If you’ve ever wondered what we look like singing at the Tranzac Club on a Sunday afternoon, here’s a little glimpse from the other day. It was filmed with one of those action cams so there’s an odd fish-eye effect. Oh, and don’t worry, I’m not jaundiced…it’s just the yellow spotlight! I like that I can hear audience members singing along on this little clip because it’s an original song and that is an amazing feeling for a songwriter.

Posted October 18, 2015

New CD Update!

Posted September 23rd, 2015


The crowds at our 60’s Folk Revival ‘Where Have All The Folk Songs Gone’ continue to build and in an effort to ensure there’s room for everyone who wants to attend, we are adding extra shows in Oct. and Nov. These additional shows will be on Thurs. evenings to provide a little scheduling variety. Everything else (time, location, and format) is the same. Check out the Gigs section of this site for details

Posted August 18, 2015

New CD!
I wasn’t sure where to post this info and photos about the new CD we are recording. I think the Blog might be the best spot so please click here to check it out:

Posted July 2, 2015 by Dwight

A Special Canada Day
For the past several years, we have joined our friend Sid Dolgay at PAL to celebrate Canada Day by singing ‘Oh Canada’ and ‘This Land’ for residents. We would sing in each of PAL’s two courtyards and our voices rise through the air. We were rewarded with voices and applause from the balconies, of residents seen and unseen. It is a magical experience. With Sid’s passing, we wanted to keep the tradition alive in his honour and that of our great  country. Together with Barb Sadegur’s new PAL choir, Sid’s wife Ida and daughter Myra, we raised our voices once again yesterday in a very emotional ceremony. The tradition lives on!

Here’s a lovely thank you we received from the gang at PAL…
Canada Day 2015

Posted June 3, 2015 by Sue

SNAP’d in May!

Exciting!! Our ‘Where Have All The Folk Songs Gone’ folk show at the Free Times Cafe was Snap’d in May. Check it out here:

Posted May 26th, 2015 by Dwight

Bob Dylan’s Birthday

dylan tribute may 24 2015

On May 24th we celebrated Mr. Zimmerman’s birthday with a great bunch of musicians and audience at C’est What on Sunday night. This was the 15th annual birthday tribute put on by Ryan Ayukawa. Our folk revival accomplice Michelle Rumball started the night off with a great set highlighted by her riveting version of ‘I Shall Be Released’. We saw the duo North Star, Nelson Sobral and Shikha Sehgal, for the first time. I found their take on ‘Just Like a Woman’ in particular to be just amazing.  MJ Cyr and her band of many closed out the show with a real head bobbin’ ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ after an authentic run through of ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ complete with the cards!  We added a few new songs to our Dylan repertoire including ‘My Back Pages’, ‘The Man in Me’ and “If Not For You’. You can see us perform ‘Girl From the North Country’ here  Must give Adam Faux a shout out for his great work on sound!


Posted March 24th, 2015 by Dwight
Sue and Dwight Big Band   

Photo by Pamela Kohly

Having played mainly as a duo for so long, it was really special when we had the “Sue and Dwight Big Band“ out at the Cameron House last Saturday.  Now for us, a big band is a 4 piece and we were joined by Shelley Coopersmith (violin/mandolin) and Dave Lang (bass). Having such great musicians on stage allowed us to do some interesting things. Shelley recreated her tingling violin (or is it a fiddle?)  progressions on ‘Mercury Rising’ and ‘Diamonds’ on Velvet’. . We also covered our old Cameron Family Singers favs’ ‘Orphan Girl’ and ‘St. Anne’s Reel’. Dave rosined up the bow for a chilling climax on Sue’s new song ‘Suddenly Invisible’ and looked after our low frequency needs (thanks to Kevin Quain for that gem!) so I didn’t have to. The matinee included magical versions of “Ochre River’  and Sue’s ‘For a Moment’, our current finale song. Thanks to ‘Twentyfive Musical’ for the video.

Posted March 18th, 2014 by Sue

Check out this cool video filmed by Randall Cook at The Cameron House a few Saturdays ago:

Posted February 23rd, 2014 by Sue

Coming Up In March…

We are excited to our old matinee spot at The Cameron House for the month of March. Kicking back, listening to music and enjoying a beverage in the Front Room of this wonderful club is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. And, at this time of year the late afternoon sun through the window behind the bar creates one of those “Wow, I’m glad I got to see that” moments.

We’ll be joined by the lovely and talented Dave Lang on double bass, which is always a great treat for us!

Posted December 15th, 2013 by Sue

The next ‘Where Have All The Folk Songs Gone’ show is Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
Come help us celebrate the 1st Anniversary of this fun monthly show at The Free Times Cafe!


We presented our first WHERE HAVE ALL THE FOLK SONGS GONE show at The Free Times Cafe last January and have had the opportunity to play to great audiences each month since.

The set list for the evening is made up of over 20 songs that defined the folk revival of the early 60′s. Our goal is to stay true to the original arrangements and present as “authentic” a production of the music as possible. Song sheets are distributed to encourage audience participation!

WHAT: ‘Sue and Dwight’ and Michelle Rumball with Tony Laviola present a SING-A-LONG tribute to the folk revival of the early 1960’s!

WHEN: Wednesday, January 15th 7:30 p.m. (Doors 6:30 p.m.)

WHERE: Free Times Cafe, 320 College St. W., Toronto; Dinner reservations are recommended: 416-967-1078


Posted December 12th, 2013 by Sue

♪ ♫•*¨*•.¸♪ Wow, last evening was a wonderful cap off to the first year of our ‘Where Have All The Folk Songs Gone’ series at The Free Times Cafe. We launched it last January and have had the opportunity to play to great audiences each month since. Our goal is to stay true to the original arrangements and present as “authentic” a production of the music as possible.

It’s hard to express what it’s like to hear an entire audience singing along to the great songs of the 60′s folk revival, but I think “joyful” sums it up nicely!

Midway through the show we always feature a Phil Ochs song, which is always a highlight. In keeping with the authenticity, Michelle, Tony, and I leave the stage and we feature Dwight solo on these numbers. Last night he sang the beautiful ‘When I’m Gone’ and as I was sitting off to the side it struck me how quiet the, up until then, boisterous crowd had become. You could hear a pin drop as they hung on every word. I quickly grabbed my camera and was able to catch a little bit of the performance, which I’d like to share with you…

‘When I’m Gone’ (Phil Ochs) –

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November 19th, 2015 by Sue and Dwight

Have a look around.

Check for upcoming shows here…

Visit our YouTube Channel

‘Attention All Subway Riders – A Busker’s Eye View’ Order your copy of the book today!

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